Interactive Linguistics

     SEMANA is a software written in Transcript®, the programming language of LiveCode®. It is aimed at facilitating the interoperability of procedures useful for Semantic Analysis and, more generally, for Knowledge Discovery in Data Bases.

     Compiled versions may be used on MacOS X, Windows and Linux.
     The software is presently available for Apple MacOS X and MS Windows.

     SEMANA includes:

- Data Transformation and Editing
assistance to attribute and values edition, tree-structure visualization, transformation of multi-valued tables into one-valued tables, nominal and logical scaling procedures, discretization of quantitative variables, clarification of objects and attributes, co-occurrence tables (Burt's tables), etc.

- Rough Set Theory (according to Pawlak's procedures)
lower and upper approximations, reducts, core, discrimination power.

- Decision Logic
determination of minimal rules (for given subsets of conditional and decisional subsets of attributes), detection of inconsistencies.

- Formal Concept Analysis (application of Wille and Ganter procedures)
graphical representation of lattices, alpha-Galois lattices.

- Statistical analyses
including Correspondence Factor Analysis and Bottom-Up Hierarchical Classification (according to Benzecri programs) and classical statistics such as correlation matrices, similarity indices, feature matching, cluster coefficient, etc.



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