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     On top of logical inference (reason), such psychological factors as attention, intention and emotion interplay as much in the processes of communication. The Distributed Grammar (a highly modular model of language) is therefore a complex view of language which emerged as the result of a multi-level investigation into the sequential (linear) arrangment of the constituents of linguistic utterances focusing on the fact that the sequential nature of language reflects the semantico-pragmatic overt (explicit, cf. explicature) and covert (default, cf. implicature) components of communicated information. The Distributed Grammar program is an integrating research framework for Grounding (para-information), Associative Semantics (ortho-information) and Attention Centering (meta-information) as representing the content of the communicative intention memory and its partial explicit expression in utterance.

2013 (13-18 septembre) "In Search of the Common Ground between the Distributed Grammar Model and the Theory of Grounding of ModalStatements", International Workshop (Programme pdf)

2012 (15-16 novembre) MIC Sorbonne 2012: Colloque interdisciplinaire - Interdisciplinary Conference
Nouveaux Standards pour les Sciences du Langage - New Standards for Language Studies

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2010 (18-19 novembre) MIC Sorbonne 2010
: Colloque interdisciplinaire - Interdisciplinary Conference
Communication et contexte - Context-bound Communication

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2008 (18-20 septembre) MIC Sorbonne 2008: Colloque international - International Conference 
La Cohérence du discours (texte et théorie) - Discourse Coherence (Text and Theory)

MIC Sorbonne 2008 (English) MIC Sorbonne 2008 (French)
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