Preliminary Discussion Forum for the 3rd MIC Sorbonne workshop (Paris, Nov. 15-16, 2012)

New Standards for Language Studies
Nouveaux Standards pour les Sciences du Langage

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Researchers (linguists, computer scientists, neurologists, psychologists, sociologists, logicians and philosophers) who are interested in the topics specified in this forum may join us in this preliminary discussion forum by sending their name and surname, affiliation and e-mail address to: You will receive a free subscription account which will allow you to post content.

AS & MIC - Theories and Applications

Topic Replies Last post
Distributed Grammar by Wlodarczyk A
0 06/04/12 23:52 by Wlodarczyk A
3 16/10/12 16:49 by Stachowiak F
Dynamics of Salience by Kecskes I
0 02/04/12 16:35 by Kecskes I
1 24/09/12 15:31 by Wlodarczyk A

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