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New Standards for Language Studies
Nouveaux Standards pour les Sciences du Langage

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Researchers (linguists, computer scientists, neurologists, psychologists, sociologists, logicians and philosophers) who are interested in the topics specified in this forum may join us in this preliminary discussion forum by sending their name and surname, affiliation and e-mail address to: You will receive a free subscription account which will allow you to post content.

#1 01/10/12 15:40

Wlodarczyk A

Interactive Linguistics + Distributed Grammar

Interactive Linguistic methods need pre-established interdisciplinary meta-theoretical knowledge as well as initial theoretical assumptions for describing language (corpus) data symbolically.

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     The MIC (Meta-Informative Centering) theory together with AS (Associative Semantics) seem to be a good theoretical framework for interactive research.

     As a matter of fact, the foundations of [Distributed Grammar], an integrative framework for MIC and AS, are been elaborated partly interactively using data mining functions which are implemented in [Semana].

[MIC Terminological Glossary]


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